About Us

ShelfShare is a commision-based platform that enables product manufacturers to match with local stores in order to quickly test and sell their (new) products in a physical environment

We are a group of 6 individuals from diverse backgrounds and our mission is to build an additional and lucrative market for (new) producers and retailers
Our solution creates

Success Stories

With ShelfShare (new) startups can immediately get started and create success stories of their products. This will help them to later enter the market of big retail and to convince future investors. They can test their products in specific locations and find early adopters through ShelfShare.

More Store Traffic

Retailers can differentiate their stores from their competition as well as drive traffic and make additional revenue by selling new and innovative products from ShelfShare. Besides that they do not have to pay upfront for the products and can send unsold products back to the producers. This assures an almost guaranteed profit.

Market Insights

Through ShelfShare the producers can receive feedback from store owners and local customers. In addition, we will provide industry specific market insights through data acquired on our platform.

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